Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Milesy


MilesyWith this song by artist Milesi, the creative structure of the front vocals and bars helps to inject a fresh level of motivation into the alternative hip hop scene. Demonstrating a subtle balance of the power of freestyle, “Hennessy” begins with a simple look at the exit, before moving on to a more reliable gear switch that flows most of the artist’s story. The final half is deeply thoughtful, honest, and remarkably humane – there is more to tell than just the familiar references and exhilarating rhymes.

“Hennessy” has a great classic sound to it. But with something fresh that can’t be denied about it. The performance throughout has such a flawless flow to it, the voice brings that unique tone, and that real-life gravel touch of singing adds a great deal to the overall effect of the music. You know the sound once you hear it, and there’s a lot to be stuck with once you find his work. Behind that voice, you get a large and varied set of synths and pulses, which excite you and prepare you for summer. Among the leading vocal concerts, you get to know the artist a little, you get used to the style and sound, the lyrics – you quickly realize that there is a lot to like in this music and a lot to be addicted to.

Personality is paramount in independent music, and you get a good mix of this with a comfortable familiar feel to Milesy’s music. The good news is, there’s a lot more music coming out of it – Miles is a dedicated artist with a complete music collection for you to explore.

The music blends wonderfully and really brings out the best in the artist’s vocal performance as well as the instruments around it. The more you listen to it, the more you are mesmerized by the melody and the sooner the entire track becomes memorable. The hook here has a definite power, and there is much more spirit to soak elsewhere in the song. It is refreshing to hear a singer of this style write songs in a new voice.

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