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One Day

by Tony G

Tony G is a singer, also a recording artist: he was raised at Gold Standard Ltd in the midwest and began singing and rapping on the streets and in church as a youngster. He became friends through family members of Dommo, also a recording artist and really hit it off. Dommo’s grandfather was owner of a record label and the two of them along with a few others were able to submit demos and were able to continue their climb into the music maze.

Proposing or hinting at the concept of freedom in art or music is very different from embracing it completely. With the first, the result gives a touch of inspiration, but with the second – the experience completely surrounds you with an uplifting, energetic revival that is the essence of freedom. When it comes to music, this is not just about the lyrics, this is the development of the overall soundtrack – the tone, the riffs, the rising passion, the evolution of the melody.

Singer and songwriter Tony G’s “One Day” is a perfect example of how a song can fully embrace the concept at its core and successfully convey that feeling to its audience. composing his own music.

This report has a lot of space, the shock is light and atmospheric – revealing certain ideas and actually focusing your attention on the thoughts in your mind as well as allowing you to consider and understand that room and all of that time. This hook actually raises a voice that is vastly different from the central difficulties of the song, making it more accessible and inviting in many ways than a standard musical approach to energy struggle. The track brings the hip hop / R&B shocking and powerful writing that audiences expect from “Tony G” and offers something completely unexpected and profound.

The further you get into it, the more you crave it – the soundtrack and lead voice go hand in hand, and when it falls, the dark, industrial side of hip hop activates and sharpens those edges. So if you like to hear Tony G’s more songs, stay and follow him.

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