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by Pinky Black

Pinky Black – artist & producer from Queens, New York. She is multi-talented and works diligently on her craft. She first emerged on the music scene in Jan 2018 with a mixtape titled “Quickie” that consisted of remixes to popular tracks at the time. One remix was to XXXTentacion & Ski Mask the Slump God’s “Take A Step Back”. With her witty, punchy lyrics and unique tone to her voice, the female rapper was able to captivate niche audiences that are eager to hear more. Her iconic liner “Just a psycho on my cycle shoots Billie Jeans like my name Michael” was enough to let fans know that she belongs in this game. The release of Vampin starts her musical journey for 2022 and years to come.

With “Vampin”, Pinky Black proves to be one of the most talented artists around, if not the most consistent in releasing successive tracks. “Vampin ” was produced by Trumpet. It was written by Owen Backnel Jr who has collaborated with the artist numerous times. Unlike some of Pinky Black’s previous tracks, ‘Vampin’ is a mid-tempo song composed with inward-looking lyrics. The creation this time is scaled back sufficiently enabling Pinky Black to show off some of her vocal strength. It is effort and ease, it is rapturous but not try-hard. It is Pinky Black at her best. There is a modest dance thump here, no wall of sound that distracts the attention of the listeners from what Pinky Black is singing about, and neither is there any pesky feel to ‘Vampin’.

“Vampin” holds up as an outstanding piece of music which is no revelation when focusing on the songwriting and production credits; Trumpet and Owen Backnel Jr. The tone of the track is RnB ideal; combining the nicest of other genres to generate a piece of top-rated music both exalted and earworming. The natural live drums wantonly settle the line between RnB and hip-hop, the coverings of synths are glinting, the bass line is booming, guitar-like and accurate.

Overall, “Vampin” is one of the best R&B songs she sang. The melody of the track is very impressive to listen to. The lyrics are uniquely composed. The phrases used do not deliver much of the meaning, rather they conceal it which makes the song more remarkable. The listeners can solely withstand the manner the artist feels through the lyrics.

“If you gimme the work I’m gon’ move it
If you gimme a gun I’m gon’ shoot it
I’ll take ya life this ain’t a movie
I be dropping shit off I’m in the stash house”

From these lines themselves, the listeners possibly know what the song really wants to convey. So much enthusiasm is spattered into this song. Contrasted to the previous songs of the artist, this one has an astonishing strategy to message deliverance. Subtly made, “Vampin” reflects a sense of creativeness and technique to how the song was written and how the attitude within the words was inferred. If Pinky Black has the intention to captivate the listeners with this outstanding track, I believe she just achieved it.

Pinky Black

Pinky Black

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