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Homicidal Rap God

by DJ Soler

DJ Soler’s latest offering, a flavorful blend of Eminems’s masterpiece “Rap God,” and “Homicide” by Logic feat undoubtedly stunted creativity and musical ambition. DJ Soler pumps the song into overdrive with an electro production chock full of nostalgia. This mashup, “Homicidal Rap God ” is absolutely done right. The songs are so markedly similar, not just in musical style, but in tempo, feel, rhythm. The two together and the final production is nothing short of wow. Blending these two totally remarkable pieces of music has created something new and so amazingly entertaining. DJ Soler invites the listeners to enjoy tapping, dragging and holding the contours on the vibrant interface that Soler provides for this mashup. It is certain to give you an amazing musical experience no matter what your musical appreciation is. No matter if you are a fan of pop or rock, or even both, the blend of the two songs brings something that all can relish. Moreover, this release specifies a different facet of mashups. DJ Soler shakes things up with a surprising tonic of athletic bass and massive filter modulation, formulating an awe-inspiring psychedelic atmosphere. A true innovator of the field. When these two magnificent tracks come together, with DJ Soler’s talents the listeners are treated to a storm of fun and enjoyment that is sure to put you on cloud nine. Make sure you check this one out.

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