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My Life

by HakavellFoFn

Hakeem AKA HakavellFoFn is a 26-year-old independent artist from New York, New Jersey, Pa who has been making music for about eight years. According to the artist, HakavellFoFn began to take his music career seriously about 3 years ago. This artist tries to rap from the heart and what he experiences through his life experiences. This young talented singer shows much of his prowess on his recent single “40”, we can see him slipping between fast-fiery rap style and mind-blowing r & b music and paying close attention to the striking melody hooks.

HakavellFoFn’s released the amazing track “My Life” on Spotify. At the beginning of the track, it starts slowly. After fifteen-second he blows our minds. When you listen to this track you will become addicted. Because his wordplay is amazing and his vocal tone is clear and catchy. The track develops and builds, without succumbing to expectations, a sense of expectation building and moving throughout the journey. The full version of “My Life” expands this approach, combining subtlety with tremendous drama, emotion and energy strokes.

“My Life” exposes an artist with a clearly unrestricted and enthusiastic attitude, providing the charm of a live performance with the dream escape of an intimate recording. Each part adds a new layer of complexity, a solid orchestra, or melody while retaining the underlying ring that the listener touches warmly. “My Life” highlights the passion for hip hop and old school rap genres, intertwined with outstanding creative freedom. It is inherently timely but full of subtle hints of personality for a rare and refreshing edge of personality.

“My Life” is a freestyle track with powerful hip-hop instruments that you can collaborate on. The track is a musically spectacular original outstanding song – a strong but quiet tune that contrasts with the catchy swagger of free-moving instruments. The layers complement each other well, creating a mysterious and reflective atmosphere where your mind can go to enormous depths. This stunning track swings between strong chorus and sharp verse, HakavellFoFn is a brilliant artist who has pure talent at hip hop and rap showcasing exceptional music mastery as he vocalizes.



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