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How Many Times

by Sickpay


Sickpay, a Brooklyn composer, producer and drummer / guitarist, has released a punk-fueled 5-track EP titled “Pureocracy” via Alien Body Music. A solo project led by Mike Birnbaum, Sickpay embraces confusion and attractive hooks with equal vigor. Fans will be treated to aggressive punk rock singing and earwax melodies through guitars and electronic rhythms. In this collection of songs, while experimenting musically while maintaining a heavy, pit-soaked foundation, Sickpay is confessional, unpretentious, and in your face. Inspired by Floor, Wavves, Lightning Bolt and Leftover Crack, Pureocracy takes you on a difficult journey between modern rock and low fi mesmerizing pop. Pureocracy was born in the darkest days of the plague, but is full of exciting songs for our era. Recorded in a small Brooklyn studio, these five large songs include the melody of living through the pressures of existence. 

Sickpay’s latest release “How Many Times” is at once interesting, stylish, smooth and rhythmic, and for a short time playing it, music becomes a necessary part of your life, even mesmerizing melody.

Musically the song is well-produced, with the warmth and ease of a punk / rock song. Demonstrates playful creative work that allows for a deeper understanding of the overall structure and an even greater impact on the lead melody. The music has a classic or old sound and a mix of occasions. The subject matter is the complexity of the relationship, retaining the potential for grief or struggle, but it also acts in an open, accessible, and acceptable way, so the overall vibration that music provides is the main source of its impact. Listened. It comes with a constant sense of optimism and positivity.

There is a certain freshness and character in the artist’s voice, a genuine level of realism as well as a tireless soul; Everything subtly offers something new. Even better, the song is very well written. The melody, the poetry, the various parts that evolve – as soon as it gets out of the music it quickly becomes familiar and satisfying. The vague or obscure subject matter of the song speaks volumes for the artistry of the release.


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