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Lovin‘ You


Sabine Mayer aka KEIYLA is an Austrian singer, songwriter, actress and dancer based in Berlin, Germany. Growing up in a small town near Vienna at the age of 13, the talented young artist sang with local artists and DJs and appeared in television and radio commercials. After a long and successful career in various styles and styles as a leading actress and singer, Sabine knew it was time to pursue her lifelong dream of creating her own music. In 2020, when the global epidemic closed all the music, drama and film industries, Sabine did not waste time learning how to record and produce her own material and assert her independence. Holding a large number of original compositions in hand, the dynamic duo (ILLMAYER) embarked on a musical journey with her friend, musician and producer Jochen Ile, and KEIYLA was born! In 2021, they teamed up with established producer and songwriter Cornelius Kuron. Bringing his own talents to the table, this partnership confirms and expands the influence of pop, disco and EDM on the musical evolution of KEIYLA.

“Lovin‘ You” is KEIYLA’s best cover song. The musicality of the track shows that it is a powerful choice, in line with many modern pop styles, and something familiar about it does not come in any production direction that tries to appear too creative or unique. That’s it, it’s a big part of the pop genre – the truth, the reality. The melody moves things in the same way, and then above all comes the concept of the song, its emotions and the unmistakable sense of character contained in the main vocal performance.

Structurally the moments between the hooks nude the melody and ideas of the song. These moments are sweet, they give you time to meditate on the concept, and they also create a clear difference with the intensely striking singing that follows, so the impact is even greater. Following this, each hook follows a striking riff, which really pushes the irrefutable element of personality further. The different stages of the song are meaningful together and, moreover, he presents something optimistic from the heart. Listen to this song and you will feel it.

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