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Chauncey Williams
Chauncey Williams


by Chauncey Williams

Cade has been writing and producing his own music for 10+ years. He recently received a Recording Engineer credit on Nate Soulsanger’s album “Picnic.” Cade pushes boundaries, tries new sounds, and is not afraid to step outside the norm. He is a Hip Hop artist and has created his own genre called hopscotch which is a mix of Hip Hop and EDM. His artist name, Chauncey Williams, is based on his friend Noel who he met playing high school basketball. Cade had a close connection with Noel who went by the name “Chauncey Williams the Butler.” In 2017 Noel was killed by the police. Subsequently, to honour Noel, Cade changed his artist name to “Chauncey Williams.” His recent release, “PSALM 107”, offered an explosive ride, featuring sandtrap, progressive hip hop, bit-crushed vocals and intriguing flow. The showcasing of Cade’s boundless creativity in this track is undoubtedly amazing. More melodically-minded and refined than his previous work, it includes the same refreshing nature that has become this captivating artist’s signature. Overall, Cade’s “PSALM 107” drips with confidence and talent that will undoubtedly attract new listeners. More eminently, mashing witty lines with catchy lyrics, Cade proves himself to be a master of his craft, perfectly delivering both stunning lyrical content and flawless performance throughout the song.

Chauncey Williams

Chauncey Williams

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