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Red Languages

by Othrsyde

Othrsyde is an upcoming and talented artist who was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA USA. He possesses a great passion for Alternative, Industrial and Pop music while his mission in life is to create music and let his productions stand out in the line. Being a unique artist in the music industry, Othrsyde’s most significant feature is that he is a person who creates new sounds to his fan base. He never follows the stale music traditions, instead he supplies new things for the world. He says “New decade new sounds”. Moreover, unlike most artists who produce music using a single genre which they are interested in, Othrsyde is unassigned to a specific genre. Thus, he creates music and performs in a more vulnerable manner, for he is an artist who has a soft spot to express himself freely.

Othrsyde’s latest production is titled “Red languages” and it is a three minutes and ten seconds music video which is from his music album ‘Red language’. The song starts off in a more extraordinary way with a strong set of vocals. The vocals are super powerful and have the ability to attract the eyes and the ears of the listeners within just a few seconds. Indeed the vocals give a great start to the song and let the listeners live with the song from the beginning to the end. The vocals accompanied by the stunning strum of beats should also be highly admired. The beats add more color to the song while elevating the music taste of the listeners.

The manner in which the music flows throughout the song collaborating with sound variations makes the song more beautiful. All the sounds projected throughout this little amount of minutes are undoubtedly enticing.  Lyrics play a special part because they are simple and meaningful. The lyrics and the visual performances done by the artist creates a special nexus.

So, listen to “Red Languages” by Othrsyde now if you too want to listen to a perfect song.

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