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I'm The One (4real)
Donny Cold ft B'eazy The Influence
Donny Cold ft B'eazy The Influence

I’m The One (4real)

by Donny Cold ft B'eazy The Influence

From the age of just seven years old the emerging rapper, Donny Cold has been writing bars over beats. Music was always a huge part of his household and so he was exposed to his parent’s record collection very early on. Donny first signed to an independent label to release his music through. However, soon realised he was not getting the coverage he deserved and now works as an entirely independent artist. To date, he has released a number of well-received tracks that have seen him grow a steady following in the tens of thousands worldwide. Though Donny Cold has yet to break through the industry’s glass ceiling, the artist has built himself an exemplary independent career. This year Donny Cold released his new single, ” I’m the one (4real) “feat. b’eazy the influence. Tuneful vocals and impressive structures have always outshined in Donny Cold’s music,” I’m the one (4real) “feat. b’eazy the influence, is the same. The remarkable production keeps ” I’m the one (4real) ” bouncing along. This release is significant with moments of order dazing the delivery of amazing textures and impressive dynamics. Both Donny Cold and b’eazy the influence are comfortable over the mindblowing beats, along with the shimmering bass synths. These outstanding rappers wordplay around calm yet tremendous beats that fill the atmosphere with their great mastery. The gravity of the track, ” I’m the one (4real)” hit harder thanks to the track’s stunning production. Overall, Donny Cold’s musical potential is ultimately showcased in this massive production, ” I’m the one (4real) “. In a period where the quality in most contemporary rap music lacks, the fiery attempts of artists like Donny Cold are praiseworthy. ” I’m the one (4real) ” is a fine instance that proves Donny Cold’s music grows more standardised with every release. As always in this fresh release, his music is full of mastery, experiments, and risks which are the massive steps of his way to reach the recognition of this musical journey he deserves.

Donny Cold ft B'eazy The Influence

Donny Cold ft B'eazy The Influence

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