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Muriel’s Marauders
Muriel’s Marauders


by Muriel’s Marauders

Muriel’s Marauders is a trio featuring Paul Marauder (vocals & instruments), Muriel Marauder (backing vocals & tambourine) and Patrick Marauder (love & inspiration) and ‘Promo’ is their newest release that gives a slice of insight about the band to the listeners. ‘Promo’ is country rock, a slow tempo track that makes the listeners want to explore more of Muriel’s Marauders. This outstanding band always comes up with songs reminiscent of the classic rock of the ’70s with tremendous guitar hooks and exceptional vocals. In this remarkable track, their sound is very impressive, the song advantages from a solid bottom end that routes the songs but allows them to breathe at the same time. Paul Marauder has a strong powerful voice while Muriel Marauder adds some nice backing vocals to the mix that blend flawlessly. The catchy opener sets the track with a solid groove and melodic guitar break while with impassioned vocal and subtle harmonies is another winner. More importantly, the material and delivery is very powerful while backing guitar lines are incredible. ‘Promo’ rocks with impressive vocals and is pretty much perfect. Paul Marauder’s stunning vocals from ‘Promo’ floats atop some amazingly delightful guitar textures, more trademark backing vocals and the lead guitar has space to breathe on the extended out. It’s impressive to listen to their music like this captivating release. Overall, in this new single, they play something familiar for their listeners and engage with them through this music. Utilising masterful vocals and inciting rhythm and guitar work makes Muriel’s Marauders a stand out among country-rock music enthusiasts. If you are fond of top-notch country music with a rock edge Muriel’s Marauders comes highly recommended.

Muriel’s Marauders

Muriel’s Marauders

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