Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by King Uche

King Uche is a Nigerian American artist currently living in the United States. This allows him to give originality and uniqueness to his music, which blends the optimistic taste of American life with the hip hop and afrobeat sounds of West Africa.

All of this gave him inspiration for his music, which the singer wants to do as a spiritual stimulus to all who lack motivation and impulse: a positive and uplifting message on the notes of Hip Hop and Afrobeats. Despite his failures and his past, King Uche’s determination has not diminished, but he offers comfort and companionship to anyone who listens to him!

King Uche tells the story of his struggles and successes while living abroad in the United States and growing up in his native Nigeria. King Uche’s music is the music of determination. It motivates all who listen to change their lives with the powerful force of their will like him. From his debut song to his latest popular project, it is safe to say that King Uche’s music is here to stay!

King Uche drops his first single of the new year with the combined AfroRap/Trap/Grime-themed single titled “Immigrant” King Uche drops this global hit for the whole Diaspora to remind everyone that it’s OK to be an immigrant! He said, “It’s OK to go somewhere you’ve never been before! It’s Ok to be different, to have dreams, and to actually achieve those dreams! That’s what Immigrants do! We grind and WIN”.

As “Immigrant” progresses, the musicality becomes more artistic and vibrant. His Voice is always recognizable by his tone, personality, and subtle mix of appearances. King Uche, an artist who enjoys the process, directs with basic loops of melody and rhythm throughout the stunning and fascinating “Immigrant”. The lyrics are great, but you need to be close enough to fully connect with him. Attractive, humble, beautiful, and musically connected enough to keep the whole piece interesting. King Uche is an artist whose work exemplifies a joyless sense of artistry and freedom. So I invite you to stay with King Uche for his amazing creations.

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