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Red White and Blue
Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez

Red, White, and Blue

by Tony Hernandez

Red,White and Blue released on July 4th , 2016 an unheard song by an unheard singer called Tony Hernandez from Miami Florida. Being a native American citizen, the Red , White and Blue song could be touted as a tribute to the country’s formation and freedom. Hernandez must be a true patriot as he had chosen July 4th – the Independence day of America.

As I write this article on a cold morning of July 4 th , there couldn’t be a greater coincidence than this. However, I am not an American to be precise. Red, White and Blue has a classic retro vibe to the song which I started liking the minute I heard. Loved the guitar portion and it is soothing.

The intro shoots right into your heart and it definitely transcends you to somewhere deep in a mountain where a flag is hoisted and an eagle flying high even if you are not an American. The song is that powerful. I reckon you would feel the same. And Hernandez’s heart piercing voice does its own magic too.

Throughout the song you would find symbols and events unfolding which were and still are paramount to the history of the country. If you were observant in the first place ,the name of the song Red, White and Blue Red, White and Blue would have rung a bell. Yes!! You got it right , a subtle sign representing the color combinations of the US flag. A true tribute.

On a very personal note, I love the song very much. It’s simple and the mesmerizing classical music makes you feel nostalgic. You would feel a sheer urge to run back to one of those happy memories from the past and never return. For me Red , White and Blue is a true winner in the genre of patriotism. A true blue tribute by Tony Hernandez.

Tony Hernandez

Tony Hernandez

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