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Falling Apart

by Wolkenkopf

Wolkenkopf is a very talented artist who was born in Switzerland, USA. He has a keen interest in hip hop, Rap, R & B and rap styles of music. He recently released his latest single, titled “Falling Apart” and this too consists of the above mentioned styles of music respectively. Wolkenkopf is a truly genuine person and he once mentioned that he has written this song in his very own studio, on a day when he was heart broken. Thus he has produced the track to lend a hand to the heart broken people who are depressed and to make them aware that they are never ever alone.
“Falling Apart” is a one minute and seventeen seconds audio portrayal. It starts with a very slow kind of music and suddenly shifts to rap and hip hop styles. This shift is featured by strong as well as delicate vocals of the singer and they make the track more captivating. The lyrics are even so meaningful and thoughtful. They convey the title of the song in an effective way. When you listen attentively, you will probably notice that Wolkenkopf’s intention is to help the heart broken people. So this audio is very much inspiring to the extent that the listeners are surely motivated to rise up and shine again.
Therefore we find that brilliant songwriting is done by the artist and it makes the track catchier. The vocals of the singer also work in tandem with each beat of the song. They create a perfect unison from the first second to the last second of the song. So, the explicit lyrics, the relentless strum of beats, all the interesting sound designs and the blended genres make this audio portrayal a very successful one. Perhaps, you will surely listen to this unique track many times.

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