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Je t’ai donné

by Damilo and Willem

There is something about “Je t’ai donné” that just sounds perfect. It captures the pop music traits and there is just amazing lyrical thought. That massive singing flow by both Damilo and Willem that kicks off the track certainly grabs the listeners’ attention and sounds like nothing else on current pop radio. More eminently, “Je t’ai donné” has such a recognizable style. Simple yet dynamic melody meets stunning hooks and powerful vocals. This track undoubtedly embraces serious emotions, in a way that is so irresistible. “Je t’ai donné” flows like one extended climax, clambering and clambering without end. Both verse and chorus deliver the sense of build that is doled out sparingly in pop tracks. Particularly, Bass synths meet electric riffs to craft an energetic vibe that is big but never dull. Furthermore, rap and vocals blend to secure a smooth sense of flow. The verses of the song convey continual velocity, especially, the song’s chorus is sucker-punching the listeners with strong emotion. However, “Je t’ai donné” is not the artist’s exclusively top-rated track, but its structure is firm and it is delivered exceptionally masterfully. Damilo and Willem are one of the few artists the listeners can always count on. Overall, “Je t’ai donné” is massive, and it is difficult to avoid vibing along to the track even if you don’t understand the language.

Damilo and Willem

Damilo and Willem

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