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Not Today
Mariana Herrera and Friends
Mariana Herrera and Friends

Not Today

by Mariana Herrera and Friends

“Not Today” is one of the most empathetic Country songs released this year by Mariana Herrera A.K.A. Riser. This amazing artist pours his emotions into this song. This truly wondrous track is passionate, emotional, and has a great melody that emphasises the message of the lyrics. “Not Today” has the power of connecting with the listeners on the first listen, as the song lets listeners know they are not alone with their feelings of heartache, disappointment, loneliness, grief, and depression. In a way, this release by Riser can be therapy for listeners and it is a reason why so many love this sensational song. More eminently, Focusing on the lyrics, the song connects with listeners all over that were going through the same situations. It is gotta be difficult for many to deal with the heaviness of a hurtful past and move on with their current lives. Anyone going through this type of situation knows and this song brings up sad emotions, but it can be therapeutic knowing that others go through the same emotions. His vocals deserve to be applauded, as he adds another dimension of sorrow to the message of the song. The artist’s soulful vocal sounds like a close friend who shares his depressing thoughts in a tranquil manner. Overall, “Not Today” is among Mariana Herrera’s most impressive releases to date. It is a work of great maturity and wonderful subtle refinement.

Mariana Herrera and Friends

Mariana Herrera and Friends

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