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by Tommie Rose ft Owen

Tommie Rose and Owen Hoorn are two talented artists from North Holland and The Netherlands respectively. Specifically, Tommie Rose is a rapper, a beatmaker and also a mixing engineer. He commenced a Sound Design study and completed it in the year 2020. After the completion of his studies, he joined with his brother Knucklefuck and started the label Wallplug Records. Wallplug Records is so significant to Tommie, for all his prior productions were released under it. And also the fact that he was able to release so many productions with the start of this label is something very remarkable.
However, Wallplug Records does not only constitutes Tommie’s and Knuckeluck’s productions, but also Wordspin’s, Ra’s Vertigo’s Quetzal Coastl’s and Owen’s. Joining with new artists and releasing productions is a salient feature of Tommie. That being so, Tommie has worked with artists like Nomi $hanya, Knucklefuck, Ra’s Vertigo, Quetzal Coatl & Owen. Consequently working with new artists allows the label to project something new to the table.
Tommie Rose and Owen Hoorn recently released their single titled “Supplement”. It is a three minutes and fifteen seconds audio track which consists of Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap styles of music. The track starts with a very unique stream of sounds combined with a relentless strum of beats. Within a few seconds, the vocals of the singers are projected and they are strong and delicate indeed. The lyrics are also meaningful and thoughtful. They convey the title of this audio portrayal in a brilliant manner. Perhaps, the lyrics and the vocals of the singers blend magically and expose a commanding track to the audience.
How the singers balance their voices and the way in which they project their voices throughout the song without making a mess is something that should be highly appreciated. So, “Supplement” is an awesome track with strong vocals, dancing beat, catchy sounds and captivating lyrics.
Thus, if you want to listen to more of their amazing productions make sure to follow them via and .

Tommie Rose ft Owen

Tommie Rose ft Owen

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