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Distant Suns

by Chris Ianuzzi

Chris Ianuzzi, a tirelessly innovative composer based in New York City, has developed a new style that blurs the lines between electronica, post-punk, and experimental music. Ianuzzi is unafraid to take risks in his artistic endeavours, as seen by his use of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and Dolby Atmos production in his audio explorations.

Ianuzzi’s bold move has been widely praised. His AI-powered music video for “Lonesome Highway Superstar” won several festivals’ top prizes, including Best Electronica, Best Music Video, and Best Music Video at the Movie Play International and Filmnest International film festivals. With this new, engrossing video for “Edge of the Earth,” he’s sure to receive even more acclaim.

Chris Ianuzzi creates music that is wholly its own, embracing the unknown with wild abandon while still sounding apocalyptic. His art tends to divide audiences while also eliciting strongly felt responses from those who find meaning in what he’s saying.

A double single of “Distant Suns” and “Wild Side,” which Ianuzzi has dubbed “Apocalypse Cloud Love Songs,” recently demonstrated his experimental skills. WFMU’s ‘Sounds From Space’ often plays an instrumental version of ‘Distant Suns,’ and the song itself has found a regular home on Tokyo’s The Mike Rogers Show.

Fans of Trent Reznor, Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Oneohtrix Point Never, Gary Numan, and John Carpenter will love this compilation. Chris’s role as an electronic music industry trailblazer is cemented by the fact that both tracks are being released on his label, Satellite Symphonics.

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