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Close The Gap


“PANDTN” is a great solo artist that presents a hook-heavy sound that combines the air of post punk music with a slightly more powerful rock background, making for something you’ll recognize as his sound fairly quickly. “Close The Gap” thrives on the high energy of the instrument and the strength of the key line. The arrangement fuses distorted guitars with classic keys and vibrant drumlines, on top of which the artist’s characterful lead vocals deliver the song and its underlying emotion with remarkable power.

PANDTN (Progress and Transformation) is the professional name of the independent singer, songwriter and producer Vladimir Levintovich. For 25 years he dreamed of being a singer in a rock and roll band. “Close The Gap” is his latest release.

From a production perspective, the track is incredibly impressive. First of all, some elements of this soundscape have a quality that comes with a very memorable character. This song isn’t like a typical pop song, with a melody or lead line that sticks with you, you get a joyful instrumental to experience. Second, although it’s the artist’s chemistry and the soundscape that drives this personality, the arrangement is refreshingly unusual. The entire first half of the song seems to have been sung with the melody, the ideas sung, the whole thing laid out, and now you briefly fall into complacency, thinking you know how it all turns out. However, the latter half of the track introduces an amazing vocal – reframing the experience and refocusing your thoughts, the mood is completely relevant and fits perfectly with everything else. The energy it releases adds something fresh enough to really rock. There is a lot of creativity, passion and professionalism here. This guy is definitely worth checking out.

Structurally, moments between hooks lay bare the song’s melody and ideas. These moments are sweet, they give you time to ponder the concept, and they also create a stark contrast to the hard-hitting chorus that follows, so the impact is even greater. After this, each hook is followed by a catchy riff that further pushes the undeniable element of individuality. The different phases of the song make sense together, and furthermore, they offer something heartfelt and optimistic, but not without the remote emotional turmoil or experience that led to the writing of this song. The lyrics have a slight melancholy touch which really makes you think.




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