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Last Chance

by BlueLee

Last Chance from BlueLee & Ka$pa, is a next level Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap song with an extremely cool melody. This is the first collaboration of BlueLee & Ka$pa to show the beauty of adventure between two people. The Lyrics imply enjoying the present moment and to embrace each other in it. This musical style is a hybrid of Hip-Hop and Afrobeat to illustrate your deepest summer dreams! “Sky has no limit, it’s just the view that‘s what Bluelee believes in. You can be the writer of your own story, be aware that you hold the pen in your own hands. Lead your own way, discover, believe, create and always stay real. On her Journey she traveled around the world to see cultures, meet new people with different minds, learned new languages and discovered herself, her passions and visions. After her travels one thing has clearly changed: She didn’t only see nice views but she sees things with completely different eyes. She knows she wants to be independent for more time, peace and freedom and she is aware of this accomplishment she wants to finally do what she truly loves. This kind of feeling she experiences through the creation of her Music. Bluelee‘s intention is to connect with people through her lyrics for hope and faith to start creating their own foot steps for whatever their hearts truly desire no matter what kind of origin or religion. You are a special star and the universe has so much to offer. Ask, believe and receive & make your own foot prints unforgettable !”

Last Chance by BlueLee


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