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Let U Go

by iRod+Aux

‘iRod+Aux’ starts things off perfectly as “Let U Go” is supposed to be powerful hip hop. This young artist from Vermont USA is unwavering, and it is clear that he has something to say. The production is top notch, the beats are catchy and captivate you for the whole song. The lyrics are honest and thoughtful, and iRod+Aux spits them out with conviction.

iRod+Aux is a rising hip-hop and R&B artist who makes a name for himself with his unique style and catchy melody. His latest song “Let U Go” is a perfect example of his talent. The song features high-end production with heavy 808s and sharp hi-hats that create an atmospheric soundtrack. Dreamy singing and catchy hooks are sure to get stuck in your head, vibrant music makes it perfect for dancing.

Furthermore, iRod+Aux presents its lyrics with confidence and style, providing a fun listening experience. The song is lively and inspiring with a great message about following your dreams. I highly recommend “Let U Go” to any fan of hip-hop music.

“I feel your ghost I miss your voice
I fell under your spell
Although it was my choice
You grew so cold left me in hell”

And also this song describes Love, Loss, Regret and Growth in a beautiful way.

This song can transport a classic music lover to a bygone era and create a legally new and memorable feel. Balance is effective. Many more are expected to come. You can follow and listen to his music on Spotify.

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