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The Dancefloor End Is Here

by Jacob Curdin

‘Jacob Curdin’ creatively blends creatively with the joyful pace and colour intimacy of the EDM, artistically naming it “The Dancefloor End Is Here” and developing a fresh and revealing voice with a very intimate tone.

“The Dancefloor End Is Here” is always progressive in subject matter, style and genre, and eventually it unfolds through the heavy metal noise of the middle section as the despair and passion of the lyric is further studied.

Jacob Curdin is a Swiss techno artist who creates unique and innovative sounds that reject categorization. She has been creating music for many years, and her latest work is a reflection of her unique perspective on the world. Jacob Curdin’s music is full of fun, joy and hidden meanings that will allow you to think long and hard after listening.

“The Dancefloor End Is Here” Citizen is a perfect example of Jacob Curdin’s creative talent and is guaranteed to delight fans of all genres. It contains nostalgic dance flavours with the modern EDM element and will keep you dancing all night long.

I Wanna Dance You is a professionally composed song from beginning to end, with powerful production and stylistic elements. It’s a track that boosts your mood and tells you to turn up the volume for optimism and energy loss as a way to make it an unforgettable night, and the mix definitely serves this purpose.

Jacob Curdin’s “The Dancefloor End Is Here” is a track that stays with you long after the first hearing. As an EDM lover, you will be connected to the unique and contagious sound, the more you listen, the more you will find yourself enjoying the intricate and carefully layered production.

So, I invite you to stay with Jacob Curdin for her latest release. As well, you can listen to all her songs on Spotify.

Jacob Curdin

Jacob Curdin

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