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You Are With Me
Rosalind Solomon
Rosalind Solomon

You Are With Me

by Rosalind Solomon

When you listen to this kind of tune you feel warmth. Rosalind Solomon’s latest song “You Are With Me” features a variety of genres.

The prophetic voice of the CEO of Yahushua Ministry is the Apostle Rosalind Solomon. The Apostle Rosalind Solomon was a Yahushua Jesus worshiper, a fast-growing unique gospel solo jazz gospel performer and a spokesman for God the Holy Spirit and Yahushua Jesus. In addition, the Apostle Rosalind Solomon was an Indian author, a tenacious apostle, and a distinguished visionary.

The softness of the melody is very intimate and personal and is in the room with you. From the moment the music starts, it is already a significant statement for the excellent quality of the product. When it starts, the first thing you feel and feel when listening to music is emotion.

The lead vocals are a beautiful blend of sympathy and depth. The lyrics are barely humble but have a genuine meaning – sung very skillfully and intensely; Great attention and commitment is constantly evident. The thought seems to go far beyond the lyrics of the song, it has an intriguing effect.

“You Are With Me” is a few minutes of music and performance. While the overall sound is similar to some gospel jazz crosses in recent years, the detail, color, and passion all contribute to something completely unique and believable. Your attention is always held differently.

The music combines essentially stunning, addictive elements with more options, creatively free and an honest indie perspective. It’s worth listening a few times to soak it all up to perfection, and once you do, it will settle into the music confidently for any number of different occasions.

The song manages to capture the essence of such a feeling by combining relevant parts of the gospel music with those of many other genres – in a way that cries out for unity and love for God. Definitely worth listening to this song in full volume.

Rosalind Solomon

Rosalind Solomon

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