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Lo Sucedido

by Tony Rouse

Alejandro Flores better known as “Tony Rouse”. He is a 19-year-old artist from Venezuela. His beginnings in the scene and in music began in freestyle battles that were organized in his hometown “San Fernando de Apure”. And so with the passing of time, leaving freestyle battles aside and focusing on creating his own songs, he was gaining experience.

Which would help him to take more love towards the urban genre and what he had been doing. “Characterized by recounting his experiences in what he sings and by his unique chanting in any instrument.”

He has a unique expertise and passion for distributing his songs. If you’re unfamiliar with his voice, “Lo Sucedido” Great place to start. This music captivates you from the beginning and quickly goes from good to great, ensuring that you remember the experience.

Tony Rouse’s subtle and nibble vibes finish the notes beautifully, and his distinctive voice also works brilliantly in setting the clean and clear vocal pads to complement the lead. His voice is invisible, and his singing warms us to the end of the song with confidence and ease, making it smooth, smooth and authentic.

This singing also shows a knack for flying – an angular quality that allows it to change direction with minimal effort, making it clever and, perhaps, ear-worming.

“Lo Sucedido” It starts with a subtle rising weight and warmth. Tony Rouse develops the concept of sound design and fine art. Breathing, whimpering voice leads to severe impact on the hook.

It’s a simple environment to get lost in with familiar but fresh content and a wonderful way to attract listeners.

“Lo Sucedido” It’s an amazing new mix of hip hop, RnB and Latino music, and there’s plenty of room for it – suggesting that a live concert is equally appealing for that extra reality and purity. Hope to hear more music in the future.

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