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Long Run

by J.Bravo

“Long Run” by J.Bravo is mind-blowing, powerful, trap / hip hop music. In two minutes and twenty-five seconds, the New York-based producer and musician has written and created a great musical journey that is complete with modern structural evolution.

J.Bravo provides new beats that skillfully blend professionalism and emotion, giving rap singers and artists the perfect environment to build or execute their best work. J.Bravo has been passionate about music since childhood. J.Bravo is a manufacturer of hip-hop instruments and snare drums. Musical instruments were all created from scratch. He makes his own musical noises and influences.

The “Long run” starts with a simple, engaging and great hit. The rhythm stretches calmly and frantically, floating about in your personal stillness, moving you forward at breakneck speed. The connection between the music and the concept is quite powerful – the journey, the beauty of those reefs and melodies – it all seems to be driven by the speed of the track in addition to the electronic beats and atmosphere..

It’s exceptionally stunning, and the entire track is huge – so much happens in such a short amount of time. After the weight, this soft, key-driven circulating part elegantly completes the play of the wider parts. It’s a wonderful piece of music. It took a lot of thought and effort to create it. That is all that is clear.

It has a nostalgic vibe of being from somewhere in the past, but now it has a freshness like nothing else. He makes many instruments and plays with the sound, it is dynamic.

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