Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by J.Bravo

Rap singer and artist J.Bravo brings a fresh vibe to contemporary rap with this uniquely poetic, expressive and rhythmically new freestyle. Complete with a pleasing, stylish soundtrack, Memories speaks volumes about personal confidence, but does so in a calm and concise way – essentially injecting into the process a genuine air of confidence and ability.

J.Bravo is a young upcoming rapper trying to make his mark in the hip-hop industry in an unforgettable way. He has a passion for hip-hop music and wants to add something new and unique to the hip-hop genre. His style is unique and gives a cool shock to the listener and his songs are interesting to listen to by anyone regardless of age. His lyricism as an artist is also strong. J.Bravo likes to talk about real experiences through his music and gives a valuable message to the listeners. He devotes his time and effort to giving the listener something new and unique while creating his own identity on the hip-hop field.

J.Bravo’s special ability is to keep listeners’ attention to him. Over time he was able to build a loyal following that loved his style. Memories address every moment when we are lost, haunted but successfully deal with ambition with an instantly recognizable riff and verbal hook. In between, we get a glimpse of the artist’s journey and story as a brilliant, talented lyricist and emerging rapper and songwriter. The unique vocal tone, smart rhyme and fresh music work well to give power to this delicate, emotional but striking song. Past and present rappers are worth listening to.

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