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Too Much

by DJ Soler

Soler is an American DJ producer who always showcases his talent through instrumental, mixes and remixes. Solar’s skills have been continually sharpened with pinpoint accuracy through his amazing remixes. The artist is imaginative at its fundamental core and has an almost magical ability to mould and layer sounds. For certain, his speed, and mastery may have gotten him noticed, but he is also a deep digger, with a huge proficiency that has been acquired over years, inscribing the art of a proper DJ. This time, DJ Soler’s take on The Kid LAROI’s ‘Too Much’ is sparkling enough without losing any of the tastes of the original version. Always one to have his finger on the pulse, DJ Soler is now giving rise to his own version of the track, bestowing us with a drizzling of an electronic smooth moving feel. Soler works his familiar bit of magic and ends up modifying what was a pleasant, flighty creation into a more stunning, thrilling one. DJ Soler has been putting his knack on famous songs for a while now, and he has a mastery for giving honour to these songs while shaping them up to more stylistic and flavory. Particularly, the remix version of ‘Too Much’ is flawless and strengthens its sense of aesthetic tone and his instrumentation creates a sense of brilliant mesmerism, something that only DJ Soler could layer on. With The Kid LAROI’s soothing vocals, melody and DJ Soler’s endowing production, a fascinating work of art has been produced.

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