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Lose My Mind

by Dj Redness & Superstar Dj Keoki

The “Lose My Mind” remix by DJ Redness and DJ Keoki is a work of explosive brilliance. By combining their considerable skills in the field of house music, they have created a song that is sure to set dance floors on fire and captivate listeners.

DJ Redness, originally from Tampa, Florida, has a reputation for electrifying performances and a natural feel for his audience. His expert mixing and track selection produce showstoppers that stick with listeners long after the show ends.

With their remix of “Lose My Mind,” DJ Redness and DJ Keoki add throbbing beats, catchy grooves, and thunderous drops to the original song. As a consequence, we have an uplifting anthem that will completely engross its audience.

Their combined talents have attracted a large and expanding fan following, and the partnership between them has already received a lot of notice. Taking listeners on an exciting musical voyage with thumping beats and soaring melodies, “Lose My Mind” will cause them to become lost in the track’s pulsating rhythm and kinetic intensity. It’s time to let go and dance like you’ve lost your mind.



DJ Redness & Vicious Vic

Dj Redness & Superstar Dj Keoki

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