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Love You Any Harder

by Mia Laren ft. Manny Parks

Mia Laren is a singer,songwriter,producer,and a professional dancer from Baltimore,Maryland.Mia predominantly experiments with music under the genres of pop,dance-pop,Latin and folk.She began her music journey by producing many originals from her laptop.Mia is a natural for music industry as she’s got it all.She grew up in a musical family,supporting her father’s local band.As Mia’s love for music grew,she began to take interest in’s fascinating to see how Mia has integrated both music and dance to create stunning masterpieces. Mia is the epitome of professionalism which is a key factor of a versatile and talented artist who is trying to stamp her mark in the music industry.

‘’Love You Any Harder’’ is her latest release and I strongly suggest you to check out the video as she has put so much effort in the making of the song and above all it’s so professional as if it was done by an expert.No wonder she is a talented artist as she graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor of the art in dance.Talking about the song, it has got everything (Literally everything!).the voice, and Mia’s amazing dancing skills are a sight for sore eyes.Not to forget, the talented and amazing Manny Parks who is also featuring in this superb track adds color to the song even more.I won’t be telling about the song in detail as it is you who have to figure out this amazing video and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

.To sump up, the song is about a girl who is done with her relationship as she can no longer resist the hardships that has caused her to give up on her partner as he his keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.Mia has done a marvelous job in creating this stunning masterpiece as she expresses herself through the power of words and dance.


Mia Laren ft. Manny Parks

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