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Big Screen

by Jace Metz

Jace Metz is an upcoming artist from Long Beach,California who is experimenting predominantly on Dance,Hip hop and other genres of music.As a novice artist Metz has the potential of becoming a versatile artist of his preferred genre of music as he has played with the sounds and beats of the song, setting the perfect vibe and the tone for the audience.Born in Houston,Texas, Metz is also an actor who is trying to stamp his mark in both music and film industry.

The title of the song is named ‘’Big Screen’’ which basically means the cinema or relating to movies or movie industry.This song has fusions of Hip hop and Electronic dance music (also known as dance music and club music) and it is perfect for raves as the music is groovy.His experience as an actor could be the source of inspiration behind the making of ‘’Big Screen’’. ‘’I feel it though you feel it too’’ has a certain flow and rhythm which enhances the quality of the music by giving the audience the enjoyment of the music.

To sum up,the song is about the lifestyle of the movies.As I think, the concept behind the song is about the lifestyle and behind the scenes of the movies or it can also be perceived as life itself is a movie because as humans we are bound to go through ups and downs in our lives as shown in the movies.Jace mentions ‘’Life’s a movie though’’ in the song as he sums up the essence of the song by comparing our lives to a movie.For fans of Hip hop and even other genres of music Big Screen is the perfect song that gives you the atmospheric vibe of the life behind the Big Screen.

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