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Make Your Heart Go

by Mia Laren ft Isaac Leo

“Make Your Heart Go” is one of the best songs that crossed my path this year. Having heard little of Mia Laren’s work before. but this song offered a surprising step in a totally compelling and fantastic direction. The sonic rawness of the track, combined with this continuous sense of rhythm and melody that it exercises, gives it the instantly satisfying aura of well-crafted, delicious and poetically evocative music and writing.

Mia Laren is a singer, songwriter, producer and professional dancer from Baltimore, Maryland. Mia’s music career began less than two years ago when she started producing many originals from her laptop. Mia grew up in a musical family, supporting her father with his local band. She began singing at the age of 10 when she joined the Peabody Choir.

Her genres are pop, dance-pop, Latin and folk. When she started producing music, she fell in love with the process. She loved expressing herself through the power of words. Every song she writes speaks to a part of her that she doesn’t often share. When she starts writing a song, she dances to the rhythm, joins the melody, and feels the need to repeat. With no prior background in music production, she truly believes that dance allowed her to create music by imagining the patterns through which the music flows. “Music is truly the connection to the soul. If you are able to connect with music, you are able to connect to the soul.” Mia Laren.

“Make Your Heart Go” is a smooth and organic pop song that offers a flowing melodic progression with a light rhythmic vibe and significant interesting layers of evolution. Mia subtly but effectively arranges her tunes in meandering ways that create anticipation and then determination.

Even with the sound style and style and melody of the music, at times – the high end of the hook, the dance vibe works – creating a really cool and slightly infectious vibe; Even with this, the song tries to connect with the deepest parts of experience in an unexpected and beautiful artistic way. Mia Laren ft Isaac Leo is a perfect collaboration. “Make Your Heart Go” is an amazing song and is worth listening to.

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