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March of Madness
Chris Ianuzzi
Chris Ianuzzi

March of Madness

by Chris Ianuzzi


Chris Ianuzzi opens “March of Madness” with a dramatic intensity that is first represented by a single electronic soundtrack. The intensity soon evolves into a more complete sound, it becomes a truly contagious, exciting piece of music that is still detailed and still largely expressive of a theatrical feel to it, but overall incredibly catchy and well crafted. Composition.

The musical background of the song has great sound, riffs, beats, full stop and opening nature – the production is creative and, albeit somewhat minimal, it is very effective. The track has a pause and rises again in style and precision. The hook melody is simple but memorable, it stays in your mind for a long time after listening, and the way the music is composed around this crucial moment is fascinating and works really well.

The music seems to build and change and redirect over a series of fast-paced moments that end very quickly. The story presented, and of course, the journey that the music takes you as a listener is immediately fascinating, and the skill and speed with which the instrument performs has the power to hold you until the whole thing is over.

The artist’s style of performance stands out among its peers – as mentioned the sound is fresh and has a beautiful satisfying rhythm to distribute. Furthermore, the voice brings out all the emotions related to carrying the concept of the song well. You hear the desire behind the words, and it becomes clearer once you get used to the soundtrack.

The growth of the music is amazing, there is organic sound for many instruments, there is a great piece of music, disco diffusion touch, and with all of this, the electric shock that prevails is so beautifully inspired and continuously creative. An additional blessing is that, as suggested, despite the artist’s precision and undeniable ability – music plays to express a story and a set of emotions. There are moments of inactivity to enjoy, moments of space and silence, and of course, moments of intensity and clear joy that re-assemble and re-enter your listening space. It is especially pleasing to listen to at a high volume.


Chris Ianuzzi

Chris Ianuzzi

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