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Get Down

by DJ Soler


DJ Soler’s latest song, “Get Down”, a beautifully conscious EDM / hip hop, is reminiscent of thoughtful releases from a much simpler era, artistically blended with the environment, the dream environment, the unbreakable rhythm. DJ Soler injects a level of contagion through the cinematically captivating “Get Down” with catchy bass, crisp rhythms, ghostly synths and catchy melodies.

DJ Soler is a talented songwriter who comes from San Francisco CA. To this day he has composed many songs, EDM etc. He has a pure talent for music. The music is like his heartbeat. He loves to create music. That’s why his music is creative.

“Get Down” blends variety without interruption with a bold yet intriguing style, the composition of which is recognizable as a result. Before presenting a sweet but surprisingly vocal line that describes the complexity of a new story and an equally wonderful perspective, the song begins with a synth-soaked background and a hip hop kissing vocal hook.

“Get Down” is cinematic to a degree, with a contemporary soundtrack that is relatively straightforward in its setup – making subtle use of modern rhythms, production qualities, and parts of dancehall, and tropical. However, it stands firm due to the character and energy of its primary voice.

The track puts the hip hop rhythm ahead, transforms it into an addictive and engaging, satisfying level of pop-like approach, and forever amazes with its joyful honest verbal delivery. It includes exciting and refreshing lyrics with a beautiful twist to keep things fresh and intriguing.

There is a freshness to the sound, part of which is the undeniable experimentation – in no case is the track predictable or indifferent. But at the same time, there is a calm feeling of repetition; A hypnotic atmosphere unfolds as you listen – just as you hope it would when seeking out new EDM or electronica to rhythmically mellow the day away.

It is sublimely inspiring and musically appealing. The softness of the approach has the power to soften, and the whole piece is beautifully written, played, and recorded. This season, it’s worth listening to.

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