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My Time

by Pj Spazza

The freshly released hip hop track “My Time” boasts shock, infection hook and slim production. The latest song, “My Time”, written by Chicago-based artist Pj Spazza, is sure to stick in your head. The track opens with a powerful, fun tone that sets the mood for the rest of the song. Pj Spazza’s smooth voice flows effortlessly upwards, perfectly complementing exciting orchestras. The singing is catchy and you will soon be humming.

Pj Spazza is an independent artist from western Chicago who has a passion for music and then a resilience and great potential. Pj Spazza has left no limits to the genres of music he releases. His range ranges from Hip-Hop to R&B to Pop, giving his listeners a bit of everything.

The song is superb. The memorable hip hop and RnB songs are mesmerizingly flawless, catchy and smooth. It immediately draws attention to Pj Spazza’s creative freestyle, which creates curiosity for the rest of the project.

I love it as much as I hear it. The song has a mystery, but it’s a lot to distract you from – it’s the music that keeps you interested, allowing you to escape from reality. As things progress, the soundtrack builds up so well that the artist is increasingly displaying his great musical ability at every moment. The final half of the single sees the device explode into new areas of expression, improving mood, boosting energy, giving you space to consider the lyrics – space, but not so much; The way it all started is quiet. but it is attractive.

The amazing thing about a track is that it ends very quickly, no matter how long it takes. In more than two minutes, you might think hip hop fans will be satisfied with this, but if anything it pulls you in and tempts you to hit replay several times over.

If you are a fan of hip hop, R&B or pop music, you will definitely want to watch My Time. It’s an attractive, well – made track, and it’s sure to get stuck in your head. Be sure to keep an eye out for more in the future from Pj Spazza.


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