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Medal & Ribbon

by MCMB Ghost

MCMB Ghost has outdone himself once again with this latest release “Medal & Ribbon”. MCMB Ghost is a talented artist from the USA. The evolving atmosphere and dreamlike soundtrack not only pave the way for hip-hop but lays a thoughtful foundation, while the artist’s passionate and engaging rap performance shines beautifully.

The movement on this track is excellent, the flow is flawless and captivatingly rhythmic – you’re inspired by the lyrical progression as you visualize the gradually evolving sounds. The stop and start nature of the song adds to the creativity, while the minimal but crucial element of the structure works wonders for the piece’s long-term enjoyment. Switching to the melody hook takes this effect further, and in the midst of all this, you cling to the emotional truth and loving commitment of the song’s emotions in a way that makes you feel very genuine and deeply humane.

This song has a clear sense of identity and provides the MCMB Ghost imprint of important thread character and creativity throughout. As always, the power of classic hip hop songwriting and musicianship works its magic. Arriving on time, this newly released song has some brilliance and is awesome. The sound is warm and exhilarating, it’s always musically full and crisp, and this track has a melody that stays with you for a while.

MCMB Ghost is a fairly low-key rapper and artist in some ways, offering the simplicity of skilful and passionate creativity, and that’s worth a whole lot. “Medal & Ribbon” is incredibly compelling to listen to and conceptually it presents audiences with a whole new side to the rapper and lyricist behind it along with an awesome video. Structurally the creativity continues, the last few moments present a softness, a melodic arena of exhaustion or acceptance or moving on. It adds to the overall emotional and strong journey of the song really well, and furthermore – it leaves listeners with a lasting calm and a strong impression of the music and the identity of the artist.

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