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by Brooke Burgess


This award-winning Canadian writer/producer/creator Brooke Burgess decided to do something different from his usual games, animation, and comics work. he decided to make a pandemic double album for the most important creation his son. Brooke Burgess (Electronic Arts, Broken Saints, The Cat’s Maw, Buddha and the S**t) wrote, produced, shot, edited, recorded, and mixed all of his DADBOD album while stuck in Southeast Asia from 2020 to 2021. And now the multi-genre album has had over 300K views and streams across all platforms since launching last July. When Brooke isn’t getting spiritually schooled by his toddler super Buddha or pushing back the date of his next novel. As well, Brooke Burgess is the Narrative Director for a groundbreaking ‘wellness technology’ firm in the Netherlands.

“When” This is the 15th video of the DADBOD project. Originally written as a ghostly meditation on crazy love, the song evolved into a short but powerful post-rock song about an urgent call to action to protect the environment, our brutal abuse, and our beautiful world at all costs.

“When” is a fairly specific track and displays some of the manufacturer’s absolute greatest qualities. This particular encounter with music and melody has created an extremely intense and contagious vibe that you will miss after the effects of the sound, the various currents, the orchestral hurricane and the power of that hook. Undoubtedly, this track puts a hook that will never be missed.

If anything, the track is a bit short, but that’s the nature of the game. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. The energy of the track intensifies and gives a high, invigorating, motivating mood that stays for a long time after listening to the vibrations it brings. For the nature that seems less than clear or crunchy or clean, this unique offering is designed to be as stylish as possible and works brilliantly in the context of the music.

“When”, this songs end by leaving you with something to think about the environment.


Brooke Burgess

Brooke Burgess

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