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Something Wrong You Said



Stevski7Canada’s singer/ songwriter Stevski7 opens the door with a powerful and vibrant new song for the fields of Rock, Alternative, 90’s Rock. “Something Wrong You Said” introduces an international release of many interconnected skills and designs for an easy-going crash.

The latest release from “Stevski7”, “Something Wrong You Said”, is an alternative rock track that adds subtle and extraordinary support to the underlying song and emotion. The soundtrack is built from various soft twisted synths and is awesome. The resulting song comes with a touch of nostalgia, the rhythm and bass line feel a bit old-fashioned, as well as the rocky elements that are intermittently shot through the environment. In addition, the song appears somewhat distant in the mix – the structure of the song as well as the melody has a surprisingly alternative rock feel, but the lead voice seems to be this same electronically charged element but fits in smoothly between them all. It is surrounded and supported.

“Something Wrong You Said” is a powerful yet soft-spoken song that makes its mark in a definite but subtle way. There is so much energy in the structure and brilliance of the soundtrack and in the songwriting and performance of the leading artist. The music for one is truly unique, with considerable space, with a fairly simple melody and focus around a few clear colorful riffs. The rhythm of the entire track is a big part of what makes it work so well. The voice distribution above this is well matched to the energy below. His voice strikes with flawless accuracy and relevance, playing almost any part of another programmed instrument excellence and accuracy.

All the rhythm of each instrument has a definite amazing vibe to it, the thickness of the bass is large and detailed compared to the lightness of some of the songs, and, of course, the song itself. It’s all worth it, and it’s interesting to hear. A well-crafted, creative release.

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