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Still A Kid

by Chad Anthony

The most recent song by Chad Anthony is titled “Still A Kid.” The newest song from Chad Anthony is an exuberant, alternative rock fusion with an appealing hook and a strong message. From the verse to the pre-chorus to the chorus, this musician gives listeners an unquestionably unforgettable tune. The main vocals carry every scene masterfully.

The solo speaking performance is the first thing that stands out instead of the ambient soundscape. The language used, even if it is not your native tongue, adds to the experience rather than detracting from it. Instead, the emotional ferocity of the performance, the tone of the voice, and the eerie atmospheric sounds that follow all steer your mind in a particular direction, sometimes more powerfully than the language itself.

The visual is strong because it evokes specific emotions that are appropriate for the theme, and the lyrics are straightforward but effective. Hooks express one of the only currently available answers, whereas versus express issues. The music effectively promotes the need for change as it grows stronger and more pervasive throughout the song. The artist adds yet another excellent voice to the ever-present and hopefully rising, influence and hope for good.

The songs’ openness serves to unite an increasing number of listeners who can identify with the themes and concerns discussed. It works well for writing rock songs. The vocal performance and musical composition both exhibit a steady degree of enthusiasm, and the music is excellent. The artist also contributes a considerable amount of energy. Every riff, every additional sound, and every beat-carrying second are part of the elegant and creative instrumentation.

Just enough music is built up, very minimally, to keep things interesting. Additionally, each vocal element is properly positioned and articulated as these changes take place. The rock delivery, the songwriting, and the vocal tone are all new, but the nostalgia is there for those who are looking for it. Many listeners are sure to enjoy the new character’s vibe. Very much worth looking into.


Chad Anthony

Chad Anthony

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