Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Rachel La Scalla

The latest release from “Rachel La Scalla”, “Milennia”, is an alternative rock track that adds subtle and extraordinary support to the underlying song and emotion. The soundtrack is built from various soft twisted synths and is awesome. The resulting song comes with a touch of nostalgia, the rhythm and bass line feel a bit old-fashioned, as well as the rocky elements that occasionally fire through the environment. In addition, the song seems a bit remote in composition – the structure of the song, as well as the melody, has a surprisingly alternative rock feel, but the lead sound looks like this electronically charged element but fits in smoothly between them all. It is surrounded and supported.

Rachel La Scalla has been declared legally insane by the state. Music has been the constant to save Rachel from herself. An only child who lost both parents at a young age, Rachel has fought and clawed to fight her own trauma and illness. Already setting the scene on fire off her debut single, this is just the beginning of Rachel’s unravelling through art. Here to make you feel something, just like the creator herself, Rachel’s music is not for the faint of heart.

“Milennia” is a powerful yet soft-spoken song that makes its mark in a definite but subtle way. There is so much energy in the structure and brilliance of the soundtrack and in the songwriting and performance of the leading artist. The music for one is truly unique, with considerable space, a fairly simple melody and focus around a few clear colourful riffs. The rhythm of the entire track is a big part of what makes it work so well. The voice distribution above this is well matched to the energy below. her voice strikes with flawless accuracy and relevance, playing almost any part of another programmed instrument – excellence and accuracy.

It all has a definite vibration – the rhythm of each instrument, the thickness of the bass compared to the lightness of some synths – the soundtrack is large and detailed, and, of course, the song in between. It’s all worth it, and it’s interesting to hear.

Rachel La Scalla

Rachel La Scalla

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