Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Scottcan’tswim

Scottcan’tswim is an artist with fresh energy and a passion for artistic expression, and if this release “Missing” is anything to go by the next few months should hopefully bring a collection of new and notable music.

First and foremost, the song is well written and beautifully performed. There’s something delightful to catch at every turn; The lead vocals have a soft, melodious quality at times, and the soundscape throughout features some lovely atmospheric riffs. The song’s melody is simple in nature, which works well within the song’s native embrace – the hook makes its mark early and stays with you for a fair amount of time afterwards.

What’s interesting about the song is that it almost feels like a mellow, acoustic ballad – the kind you can sing to alone, at home, through headphones, out the window and forget about the world for a while. However, the track has a remarkable level of energy that confidently brings it into another realm. The rhythm is upbeat, uplifting, always appropriately light sounding but increasingly energetic, and this distinct feeling of running outside, summertime, across the fields to return home adds to the overall effect of the song. In addition to the beat, the accompaniment and vocal parts also increase in intensity, so as the song progresses it becomes more than just a simple track, in fact it becomes more and more unique and extremely memorable to listen to.

This track has a blissful after-effect that music lovers often crave and it’s a beautiful thing to discover. Music has excitement when you listen. There’s something hard-hitting about transcending styles here. The music itself would not be as powerful without the artist’s words, and likewise, the artist’s words, though poignant, thoughtful, and beautifully poetic, shine more brightly in this space of music and mood. It is arranged by – there is a perfect chemistry of the elements that is simply happening. The result is something that sounds great, means a lot to the listener, and expresses the lead artist’s creativity and thought process with great flair and warmth.



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