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C i r c l e s

by MCMB Ghost

“C i r c l e s” recently released by Chicago-based artist “MCMB Ghost” is a completely unique song in both the writing style and the musicality of it all. The tune that starts it off creates a great vibe, and then what follows is a rather unexpected and wonderfully unusual melody and chord progression. The music and vocals are perfectly together in the track, and sometimes – it’s almost a hip-hop rap kind of musical art that’s incredible; If ever there was a winning fusion of inspiration and creativity.

There’s complacency within the music, the lyrics are beautiful, as is the melody in the verses, and then brilliantly when it gets to the chorus, the promised land itself, I think – everything becomes a little clearer. The fog settles in some ways, so you get this song that embraces alternative art and freedom with radio-worthy, crowd-pleasing lyrics. Really impressive.

The whole thing is great, the vocals add a beautiful power to the anthemic and hip hop feel of the whole thing. The storytelling is great, as are some of the rhymes – a really good range of clever wordplay and unexpected lyrical expressions. It’s a great lead vocal, a really strong sounding voice with a confident and raw edge. All in all, this is a track you can rock out to and get lost in bopping around until the weekend rolls around, or dancing the night away to get one last grip on the holidays.

“C i r c l e s ” is an equally happy and beautiful hip-hop track. Once again, maybe even more so this time, those riffs are fantastic – all-encompassing and surpassing much of the rest of whatever the hip-hop world is doing. The music is a little quieter at the start of this track, so you really get soaked up by the soundscape, the distorted rhythm and that smooth-sounding solo part working so well together. It’s awesome, plus the vocals really take the front seat in this one, so you can hear every great quality, every crackle of realness, every ounce of emotion and talent.

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