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The poetic and joyful new single from ‘DBK Country Radio’, “THIS BENDER”, is introduced by catchy and stunning strings before diving into its country-infused warmth and artistic appeal. This season, ‘DBK Country Radio’ is back with a quiet, acoustic and poetic country song that brilliantly captures both his dedication to performing and the delightful natural ability of his voice.

The single begins with that famous, vocal expression – short bars for the verse, a rise and fall that quickly draws you in – then moves into an organic bass and beat, which moves in a way that is subtly addictive.

“This Bender” is a brilliantly moving, steady and catchy drive, combining the exposed singer’s songwriting with elements of country. Naturally recognizable, DBK country radio’s voice soothes its pain as it rises and falls on this melody. The vocals on the hook resonate brilliantly, a trademark of DBK Country Radio and giving the song its purpose and power through its subtlety and determination.

“THIS BENDER,” one of DBK Country Radio’ most alluring singles to date, marries the traditional strength of country music with an identifiable edge of classic Americana and production for a natural yet contemporary sound that appeals to a wide audience.

The song has a gift-like vibe as if it was written for the listener rather than simply promoting the artist’s reputation. Although the background music is simple and nostalgic, the singer’s voice has an accessible quality.

The voice of ‘DBK Country Radio’ has personality, yet it’s also modest, genuine, recognized, and simple to play. It effortlessly encourages audience engagement.

DBK Country Radio

DBK Country Radio

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