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Mister, Mister

by Brooke Burgess

“Mister, Mister” is a new music video released by Brooke Burgess. Brooke, who comes from Canada spends his entire life writing, directing, producing video games, creating animations and creating narrative and audio projects. However, after spending 25 years of time in his life in this industry, he could complete two special things from his bucket list. Firstly, he could make an epic cross genre music plus video project and most importantly he could make his dream of being a father. Thus, he was able to kill two bucket-list birds with one stone.
Brooke Burgess’s new release ‘Mister, Mister’ was made pertaining to the three genres of folk, broadway and comedy in music. He declares that the isolated life during the quarantine period inspired him to write this song. So, when the majority of the people started baking and went fishing, Brooke started writing, doing shots, editing, recording and mixing the lion’s share of DADBOD. Consequently, his album could win the hearts of people in Southeast Asia during the pandemic time of the world. With that, nearly two decades on from winning at the Sundance Film Festival which launched a storied interactive narrative career, Brooke Burgess became a person who is better than just a mid-life singer and songwriter with these 20 songs and videos.
“Mister, Mister” by Brooke Burgess is actually a music video about the father’s love. It narrates the bond between a father and a child which is affectionate and beautiful. The words are meaningful as well as thoughtful and they blend beautifully with the melody. The song is even catchier with the video created. Each clip matches with the lyrics of the song in a perfect manner. Thus, the song is expertly video recorded allowing the viewers to drown in the song. Consequently, it is well worth watching

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