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by 412 Liyy

“Liyy” is professionally known as “412 Liyy”. She is one of the upcoming artists from pittsburgh. She is making her way through the scene with cloudy vibing music and visuals.

“412 Liyy” has released her latest visual called “Scholar”. The visual was shot by one of the most known videographers in Pittsburgh, Bill Mike.This song has a wavy D Savage feel to it, or if you’re familiar with the DMV her style resembles they’re sound.Bill Mike & his C4 team deliver a lucid aesthetic to help bring the trippy vibing beat together giving you a feel of what it’s like to be inside the mind of Liyy. It’s really amazing work and very appreciated.

As a female vocalist, her talents should be appreciated. Rap,hip-hop and also cloud rap, she is addicted to her passion. Not only her but also people who listen to her music. “Scholar” is a powerful piece of music. It is capturing your attention and that keeps you eager to see what she does next.

So if you wanna see 412 Liyy’s new music video “Scholar” check out “412
Liyy”. This upcoming female vocalist will do a great job for the music industry.

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