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YLC TRENNY’s new single, “MISTY”, is immersive, powerful and fearlessly unsettling. It is serious, fierce but vulnerable in its honesty and weight.

YLC Trenny is an artist from North Idaho. He is a part of a group called YLC. They make fun energetic music to get you hyped up.

“MISTY” features an irresistible soundscape and beat that confronts the sound of the moment as well as the nature of the industry and modern lifestyle in light of nostalgia and reality at the same time. Individually YLC introduces the approach to composing in a unique style, with a sound and a non-classical flow and distinctive vocal tone and personality.

“MISTY” has a nostalgic setup with a simple riff and a hypnotic bass line and an intermittent upbeat beat. Its lines flow with a curvy weave vaguely tied to a primal subject. The consequence is that it exudes a certain level of character and confidence while reinforcing the hustle or work ethic at the core of the track.

The versatility and production of this composition shine brightly due to its eclecticism from instrument to influence and genre to genre. On the other hand, the atmosphere has always maintained peace and YLC TRENNY has given the opportunity to highlight his talents as a writer, rapper and artist. And the members of the YLC team have their own distinctive voices. they have contributed to this creation in a very successful way.

The heavy bars, provocative and intelligent nature insists on returning fans who want to listen and sincerely grasp every syllable – this song promises to dive deep into the domain of hip hop and all that it has to offer.

“MISTY” has the makings of a timeless classic, full of creative intrigue that really stands out. The vocals intensify in these different phases, always settling into that recognizable recording style for the simplicity of the hook. And also the animation video is beautifully done according to the song. Finally, I invite you to stay with the YLC TRENNY youtube channel to watch his/their songs.

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