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ZAM dance studio

by Zantavius

Zantaviu$ is a multi-talented artist who comes from Atlanta GA. He works in many professions. He is a model, dancer, nurse, actor, singer, stepper and also a rapper. The good thing is he always tries to encourage others.

“ZAM dance studio”, the latest release from Zantaviu$, brings summer vibes while introducing a musically diverse sound and a strong, recognizable voice. Loaded with flow transitions from melodic to hip-hop-inspired threads, “ZAM dance studio” shines heavily on a wonderfully crafted soundscape and Zantaviu$’s apparent confidence and storytelling prowess.

“ZAM Dance Studio” kicks off with summery vibes, melodic melodies and catchy hooks that make for an undeniably enjoyable listen.

From recognizable references to more clever moments and creative language, things keep things interesting and varied throughout the performance, never losing sight of the music’s natural good vibes and the easy beats of the song.

It’s one of those songs you put on when you’re about to go out or driving with the windows down. The party atmosphere on the track is contagious and will get stuck in your head. Zantaviu$’s performance is clever and creative. But they also give the song an entertaining depth. The result is a fun and relatable track with a message that everyone can relate to.

Masterfully curated, entertaining, creative and powerful, “ZAM Dance Studio” introduces the talent and heart of Zantaviu$ in an unforgettable way. Hopefully, there will be more music to follow.



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