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by Brooke Burgess

Brooke Burgess is an award-winning Canadian writer/producer/creator. He decided to do something different from his usual games, animation, and comics work. He decided to make a pandemic double album for the most important creation his son. Brooke Burgess (Electronic Arts, Broken Saints, The Cat’s Maw, Buddha and the S**t) wrote, produced, shot, edited, recorded, and mixed all of his DADBOD album while stuck in Southeast Asia from 2020 to 2021. And now the multi-genre album has had over 300K views and streams across all platforms since launching last July. When Brooke isn’t getting spiritually schooled by his toddler super-Buddha or pushing back the date of his next novel. Brooke Burgess is the Narrative Director for a groundbreaking ‘wellness technology firm in the Netherlands.

“MONSTERS”, Everyone has a dark side, it’s true. And some would say that he is darker than most. Broken Saints, Becoming, The Cat’s Maw. But he wanted to make a song for his young son that didn’t shy away from the reality of his daddy’s past struggles, and thus MONSTERS was born.

His Secret Thai Island Camp, mastered by Medellin’s top indie hip-hop producer in Colombia, has been recording and mixing for weeks and is set to open source error-free footage, nowhere for your listening and viewing pleasure. So close your eyes, play that bass, and enjoy the nightmare.

The somewhat experimental nature of “MONSTERS”’s expressed melodies is forever fascinating and, in fact, pays homage to its earliest moments when a musical instrument began to make waves. The soundtrack is beautiful and attractive but in no way what you might expect. The music now combines a direct sound with a very intense feel; A fresh start, a fresh start. Everything from the melody to the ending is exemplified. The storyline and those curved lifelines are about monsters.

Brooke Burgess’s abilities as a creative composer are well highlighted in this uniquely structured and adventurous release. “MONSTERS” offers a well-crafted, intimidating classic experience that speaks volumes about the underlying subject.


Brooke Burgess

Brooke Burgess

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