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Rat Race

by Stevski7

Canada’s singer/ songwriter Stevski7 opens the door with a powerful and vibrant new song for the fields of Rock, Alternative, 90’s Rock. “Rat Race” introduces an international release of many interconnected skills and designs for an easy-going understand.

This latest release from “Stevski7”, “Rat Race” is an alternative rock track that supports the underlying song and feel in a fantastic and unusual way. The soundtrack is built from various soft twisted synths and is awesome. The resulting song comes with a touch of nostalgia, the rhythm and bass line feel a bit old-fashioned, as well as the rocky elements that are intermittently shot through the environment. In addition, the song appears a bit distant in the mix – the structure of the song as well as the melody has a surprisingly alternative rock feel, but the lead voice looks like this same electronically charged element but fits in smoothly between them all. It is surrounded and supported.

With “Rat Race” the open wire loads the motives and rock feelings. Stevski7 has captured something special for the sinking rock lovers who rejoice in the nostalgia of a more specific period of time.

“Rat Race” combines the rock attitude of the 90s with the melodic backbone and concepts, constantly bringing the listener closer to everything from guitar sounds to drumming and vocalizations. “Rat Race” incorporates a fine structure, fluctuating melodies, and a proper theoretical appearance that drags you in and grips you captive, focusing on the music’s post-hardcore tones and distortion.

A great, addictive, exciting and equally fascinating retreat from Stevski7 that verbally and musically impresses throughout this beautiful contemporary and vast environment. Furthermore, Stevski7 makes excellent use of simple, structured and stylistic sophistication to strike with the classical weight of the mainstream while retaining the inherently alternative sound and personality throughout his career.

Brilliant, the perfect themed portrait, an addictive new release with stunning visuals and rock energy.

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