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PoliTricKs, SECOND Movement

by MC

There is something addictively fresh about “PoliTricKs, SECOND Movement”, this latest release from artist and rapper “MC”. From the first moments, the high quality and character of the production is very evident, and as the vocals roll in, this creatively structured yet undeniably focused piece of music and songwriting unfolds. The initial simplicity of those distorted bass notes sets a modest but effective scene in which the looming, dominant voice can fully grow and overwhelm its audience.

The structure of the song is simple and effective – the opening melody is easy and pleasant, and then the lyrics tell the story in words in a way that feels fresh but somehow relevant to you and your day. Later, the hook makes an incredible impact, and the space around this moment allows the concept, the melody, and the instrumentation to really weave together in your mind.

Production wise the music is creatively and professionally arranged and well-mixed. The accompanying video gives you a real insight into who these composers are and what the intended output of these songs might be – what was going through their minds, and what these particular moments of expression came from. The question was produced. This is the first step for ‘MC’ to come from behind the scenes and have more of a voice than just producing.

Listen carefully, there is much to appreciate. It’s such a catchy track that you can listen to it over and over again, and the more you engage – the words and mood of the piece are likely to enhance and inspire. and don’t forget to listen to ‘PoliTricks, FIRST Movement’.

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