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Multi Paradoxical Consciousness


Popular and Upcoming artist ATLS PLAZA N.D. who comes from los angeles has a unique talent for music. He dedicated his whole life to being a musician. He mostly likes electronic music , so he decided to start his career as an electronic producer.

The Vaporwave scene has created countless indelible works of art. A few musicians have used the genre to capture an aura of mystic spirituality as effectively as ATLS PLAZA N.D. A self taught electronica producer. The L.A. based musician brings a radically open minded approach to his compositions, to create a boundary breaking sound of his own. With a rapidly growing discography of mind-bending products, he is at the forefront of a major revolution.

The discovery of Vektroid’s famous Floral Shoppe album was a turning point in the development of the ATLS PLAZA N.D..After listening to it dozens of times, he immersed himself in the rising world of the vapor wave, sifting through the bandcamp, and finding endless inspiration in the process. He started creating his own products and within a few years he found his voice.

ATLS PLAZA N.D. Takes a clear organic approach to his compositions. He blends his unequal interests into something completely unique.and also His songs often take on a philosophical tone, possibly due to his interest in devotional music in India. His songs often are very personal in nature, because he thinks his fiancee is his museum.The artist’s 2021 premiere represents a bold step forward for the entire electronic music genre. It is the rare music album that can reach the audience.

Now he released his latest track called ‘Multi-paradoxical Consciousness’ from his ‘ME/NOT ME’ album. It is a mind blowing five minute and twenty seven minutes track. This track is peaceful and takes our mind to another level. As well as the track is loaded with mellow vibes and it gives listeners a calming mood. This great artist ATLS PLAZA N.D. absolutely know how to steal listeners’ hearts through the music. Music can heal the pain in our mind. If you listen to more tracks like this you can reduce your stress. It is like meditation full of love. ATLS PLAZA N.D is an unparalleled talent who seems poised to leave a lasting legacy to the underground music world. He will do some amazing things through EP, stay with ATLS PLAZA N.D. until then.



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